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Asia Jennifer Williamson

As the owner of AJW Archives, I focus on vintage items, including luxury and non-brand names. Starting AJW Archives went hand in hand with my way of living life. I have always loved collecting quality clothing pieces and accessories. One day, I got the epiphany: Why not share my love for fun, rare, and unique items with the world? Right after I got my Bachelor’s in Business Administration, I wanted to use my acquired knowledge in a very "me" way. I decided I would create an e-commerce store for archive collector items. I founded AJW Archives based on my style and preferences. The whole theme behind my brand is my taste in collector's items. 

AJW Archives aims to promote a healthier planet with its vintage products. Recognizing the importance of preserving our planet’s resources, I ensure that our collections meet the highest environmental standards. And through shopping vintage with AJW Archives, the battle against carbon emissions tips its scales to the benefit of nature. Alongside that, AJW Archives handles each product with care, preserving the unique characteristics of each item that is displayed and available for customers. Every vintage item I’ve chosen is genuine and of high quality, standing the test of time compared to the fast-fashion, overpriced garments of today. Not only is each item handled with delicate care, promoting benefits to our environment,  AJW Archives makes sure that each price is realistic and affordable to all.

As clothes begin to become more and more expensive, fashion can become a grueling task to take on, but with AJW Archives, I assure that every client will be given the sustainable prices that they deserve. I curate all collections based on what I would wear in my daily life and I understand that finding a fashion style while on a budget can be difficult too. Accordingly, AJW Archives responds to this with low-cost vintage pieces that become part of one’s daily style. Finding vintage pieces that connect with your style can be a maze, but with AJW Archives, this maze will become a haven of vintage pieces. And in this Haven, you’ll find your “favorite archive piece that you can wear anywhere.”


Asia Williamson

AJW Archives xx

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