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Prada is one of the highly recognized luxury fashion brands across the world. The brand was founded by Mario Prada and his brother Fratelli Prada in 1913. It all started in Milan, Italy, as a leather goods shop with the first store opening in the prestigious Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II which still functions to this date. In this store, the brothers sold trunks, bags, and travel accessories.

The quality of the brand caught the attention of the Italian Royal House whereby it made Prada the official suppliers. This recognition was key in the launching and progress of the brand. Prada was now able to display the House of Savoy coat of arms as well as knotted rope designs. The brand’s trademark triangle Logo was instrumental in enhancing its reputation and the fashion house became the emblem of the Italian upper middle class and the aristocracy.

The founder of the brand believed that women did not have a place in the workplace and so, before retirement, he sought to handover the management of the business to his son. However, the son was not interested and so, he had to pass management to his daughter, Luisa Prada.

Luisa ran the business for over 20 year until Miuccia Prada, her daughter, joined as the head designer in the 1970s. Miuccia initiated the designing of luxury handbags as well as luggage for the brand. Her beginnings in the industry were not as easy. However, since she had been a member of the Italian Communist Party, and a counterpart in the Women’s rights movement, some people never approved of her decision when she decided to join the fashion industry. The company introduced footwear to the brand in 1979 with the first collection of women shoes received positively.

Being initially involved in the exclusive production of leather goods, Miuccia, alongside her husband, Patrizio Bertelli, now her business partner and co-CEO, introduced the ready to wear collection in 1988, where they presented the winter/fall collection in the eve of Milan fashion week. The first men’s collection was launched in 1998, presenting the monochrome look for the first time. Miuccia and Bertelli relaunched the Classic Prada linea Rossa in 2018 and they remain at the helm of the family brand.

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